Thursday, 11 March 2010

Let The Battle Commence.

It's the age old question, does paying more always equal a better product?

Four products have had me pondering this question more and more over the last few weeks.

Round 1


This has been my constant dilemma, one costs £29, the other under £15, and they both deliver a similar result.
I realise that Nars has a much wider colour range than Max Factor, but both brands deliver the perfect shade for me.
Now here's the thing, A) I really don't need a hell of a lot of coverage and I'm blessed with pretty clear skin and B) I'm lazzzyyy when it comes to foundation application in the morning.

I've been turning more and more to Second Skin recently because for me, this stuff it fool proof, I use a clean sponge and whack it on, and it really is the business!!

Sheer Glow also provides me with a lovely finish, but I find it takes a me more time to apply, having to really work it into the skin. I've noticed I look a little funny in some pictures with this, has anybody else noticed this??
With both of these foundations I have to powder my T-Zone as after a long day I can go from glowing to shining...not desirable. Sheer Glow seems to go much quicker, and I have to be extra vigilant.

I'm on to my second bottle of Sheer Glow, and now I'm hesitant to repurchase again when I've found a cheaper foundation that works wonders for me.


Round 2

MAC Blissed Out vs Rimmel Pro in Beige Style.

I have raved and raved over Blissed Out, It is the most gorgeous Peach Nude you will ever find BUT the consistancy of it is less the desirable, It took my FOUR coats to get this anything like the colour in the bottle, and I really don't have the patience to sit and do this very often.

Rimmel Beige Style is a more true nude than Blissed Out but can be applied with quickly, needed two coats max and dried in minutes.

Considering I paid £8 for the MAC Polish and £2.49 for the Rimmel (on offer at superdrug now) the pricing almost seems the wrong way round.

I know many people aren't the biggest fans of MAC's polish, and it seems justified, I recently purchased Coconut Ice from MAC and couldn't even bring myself to show you all the results and it was so damn streaky even after 3 or 4 coats!!

Although you may think the Rimmel is the clear winner here, I'm going to have to call it a draw, as I really can't beat the colour of Blissed Out, it's my perfect Nude!!

Round 2 Winner: DRAW!!!

In future I'm going to be much more careful when purchasing higher end products, you never know whats out there!!!

Laura xxx


  1. Beige Style is my favourit nail polish EVER! :) x

  2. Thank you so much for this review i love second skin foundation but really wanted to try Nars sheer glow but now i know that what i have might be just as good if not better. which one do you think has the most coverage??? xXx

  3. @COABA I'd say that the Sheer Glow has more coverage :)

  4. I have the beige style, rimmel varnishes are always good and this colour is so easy to wear x


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