Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Just A Quick One...


It's been ages since I've done an 'In & Out' post, and I've been so busy this week, it's all I have time to do tonight :(


- Lipstick.
I cannot get enough of lipstick recently, I've grown more confident with different shades, and have found some really pretty products!!

- Storage
I've finally managed to organise my make up! It looks a lot less out of control now, I'll try and show you soon!

- My New Job.
There's so much to learn and I'm looking after a million different things, but hopefully I'll settle into it and it will all be fine!!


- Clinique 3 Step
I decided to give my skin a rest from the harsh system and funnily it's got much better! My T-Zone was getting REALLY oily. So I've switched to "Yes to Carrots" cleanser and my old Garnier toner, and it's feeling much more balanced!!

- Having NO time.
I've had no time this week at all and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet! Roll on Saturday!

So that's it, what are your In & Outs??

Laura xxx

ps love this!!

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  1. WOW THAT SKELETON IS ROCKIN'! Seriously. Who ever did that was amazing


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