Monday, 1 February 2010

Top 5 (Well...7) Lip Products

I thought picking five of my favourite lip products would be an easy task, I was wrong!!

I managed to get down to seven, so here they are.

The Maginificent Seven:
Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lip Balm
Barry M No 145
Barry M No 147
MAC Myth
MAC Costa Chic
Barry M Lipgloss No 5
Benefit Her Glossiness Didn't Hear It From Me

 Palmers Cocoa Butter is a absolute MUST for me, I get really dry lips in the winter, and I carry this around in every bag I own! It's super super moisturising!

So what do they look like?!

Top : Barry M No. 4, Benefit Her Glossiness Didn't Hear It From Me
Bottom: MAC Costa Chic, MAC Myth, Barry M 147, 145.

You can pretty much see from the colour palette what I'm obsessed with right now! Peachy Nude, Coral & the obligatory Pink!!

Barry M Lipgloss may be my favourite EVER. I despise sticky lipgloss so I'm afraid most of MAC just turns me right off. It smells of BUBBLEGUM too, I mean who could say no?!
Didn't Hear It From Me is my staple everyday lip product if I don't want to look to "done", I either slick it on alone or use it tone down a brighter lip colour.

Ok, Ok, I only bought Costa Chic on Friday...But It's already up there, what can I say, I'm a fickle beauty addict!
Myth is another product I have to do a massive retraction on, I said I hated this and it washed me out etc etc, but I've been using it under brighter lip products to tone them down, or with the Benefit lip gloss for a chic nude lip, Sorry Myth!

These two Barry M lipsticks, live in my handbag, The bright pink may appear scary but I just adore it for a statement lip, the 147 is my favourite ever Barry M lip paint, but Palmers is needed with this, it just dries my lips up like crazy!! It's worth is for the matte peach colour though.

So that's it!! Tell me yours! I'd love to know!

Laura xx


  1. Yay I adore lip posts! I think I may do a top lip products but would find it sooo hard.
    Myth is one of my favourite nudes. I have Barry M 100,101 and 129 so may try those 2 pinks u mentioned as they look v precious :)
    great post babes xxxx

  2. All of those are so pretty. Very nice swatches! I love my 'Say Yes to Carrots' lip butter. It's always in my purse..esp in the winter:) My absolute favorite is my MAC Viva Glam VI !

  3. Costa Chic looks beautiful! Think I may need to investigate! lol. Great post xx

  4. i want all of them!!lol
    esp the nude ones!!haha

  5. Love the colours you chose! Gosh it's so difficult to choose favourites, right? I can definitely say that Marquise'd is one of my favourite MAC lippies, and I Philosophy Lip Shines, I have Vanilla Birthday Cake and it rocks! Oh and Korres Lip Glosses, they're wonderful. Have you tried them?

  6. I love the benefit lip gloss "didn't hear it from me" as well it also not the sticky as like you i cant stand sticky lip glosses which is why i am also loving the Barry M lip gloss in toffee. xXx

  7. Loving the BarryM 147 :)
    Please please follow me? xxx

  8. @Milly, the 147 is my absolute favourite Barry M Lip Paint x
    @Marce, I haven't tried any Korres but I'd like to!
    @Confessions of a beauty addict, I haven't tried the toffee barry m gloss but It looks lovely!

  9. I plan to buy 147 Barry M, it`s on my Wish list, but I have Barry M 150 in my handbag all the time, and I love it!! but I need to use moisturiser with it too ..


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