Sunday, 21 February 2010

Quick Fire Review: Happy Blooming Bath Melt

On Friday I decided to indulge in a quick post work dash around the shops and inevitably I stumbled into Lush...

I'm still making my way through a mountain of Christmas/Sale stuff so picking up anything new really wasn't my intention, until I laid eyes on two new products that have come out recently.

Spacegirl Bath Bomb & Happy Blooming Bath Melt swiftly made it into a basket, and I can safely say these are my two favourite smelling products EVER. (Hello Cherry Bakewell & Frosties Sweets!)

But back to Happy Blooming.

What's The Hype??

"The happy, mouth-watering, fruity fragrance is down to Simon's ‘Cherry Chops’, named in honour of beautiful cherry blossoms. You get three baths out of each one – just snap off one segment per soak – and its blend of calamine, ylang and cocoa butter will leave your skin smooth and non-greasy. We think it’s blooming marvellous, and we’re sure you will, too"

First Impressions??

It smells like Cherry Bakewell, I'm in love!! I could smell this all day and not get bored of it. The "melt" part of this product is really evident from the moment you handle it as it started to melt in my hand, So handle with care if you buy this, or you may find you have no product left for your bath!

The Acid Test:

It created a wonderful, sweet, indulgent bath and one segment was more than enough. It felt moisturising but compared to my ultimate melt, Star Melt, my skin didn't feel as smooth.

Where & How Much??

Available in Lush Stores Nationwide &


I had a nice chat with a lovely young man in Lush who let me know that from March, Lush will be releasing a new product a WEEK!! So keep your noses to the ground and sniff out those new releases, He wasn't sure how long this kick will last but keep your eye on your local store to see what they come up with.

Love, Laura xxx


  1. this sounds so nice i wish i had a lush shop in my town :(

  2. Wow cant wait to see what new stuff they will come out with, probs some easter stuff and mothers day! XO

  3. @charmed-chick ,you should go to, they ship most places :)

    @hannah, I really shouldn't check out the new stuff, but I probably will! x

    @chloe, you should!! It's my new favourite xx


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