Sunday, 7 February 2010

Products I Regret Buying

I'm usually thrilled with every beauty purchase I make, but there is the odd occasion when I grow to regret parting with my cash!

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

I got drawn into the hype surrounding this product and decided against my better judgement to go ahead and try this out. I wish I'd listened to the voice in my head saying it wasn't worth the £14 I paid for it, because It really isn't! I use a good moisturiser before I do my make up in the morning, so putting a primer on top will only result in going from "dewy" to an oily mess!! To top it all off, I'm not exactly in need of "resurfacing" at the moment either, so this sits in the drawer unloved!!

Neutrogena Visably Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser

I don't know what it is about this moisturiser, I actually used nearly all of it before realising It really isn't for me! In theory it sounded perfect, It "hydrates, smoothes and evens out skin" but it really did nothing for me. I'll give this about 1 out of 10 for hydration, I had to use an unbelievable amount of this to feel like I'd even moisturised. In the winter my skin gets drier too, so It just didn't cut it!!

ELF Contouring & Blush Compact

I will give it to ELF, the blush is very pretty, for £3.50 I can't really complain, but the bronzer? URGH, It makes me look muddy and is far too dark for me, because of this I hardly ever think to reach for this, so consequently the blush goes unloved too.

Barry M Lipgloss No.4

Right, so here's the thing, I love Barry M No.5, It's one of my favourites. I love the non sticky finish of these, and this one smells DIVINE, like strawberry yoghurt. But when I go to wear it, I look rediculous, It's simply too light for me and totally washes me out, I'd probably only use this if I was going to a 60's fancy dress party. Oh how I wish you suited me, even just for the smell!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.

I used to love this but I over time I've realised it's just far to heavy, much like MAC SFF it feels like it's suffocating my skin, I just don't need that much coverage. I like my foundation to feel light, not like i'm caked in greasepaint. Sorry Studio Sculpt, I still use the concealer everyday, but this is just too much for everyday wear for me.

I realise all of these dislikes are very personal to me, they may be amazing on you!
Right so that's it! Do you have any of these products? Do you dislike them like me, or love them?? I'd love to know either way!

ps Please get involved and comment!! I've gained so many followers so quickly recently, so I'd like to get to know you all a little better, It'd be amazing to hear your opinions on this one!! Let me know who I'm rambling on to!

Laura xxx


  1. I use Studio Sculpt and love it.. But I do like quite a heavy foundation which obv doesnt suit everyone :) xxx

  2. Hmm. I was thinking of buying the studio sculpt.... maybe I won't now!

  3. lovely post hun! really helpful :)

  4. @Chloe I think it's perfect if you want fuller coverage, I've just got addicted to the 'barely there' feel of some foundation :)

    @Lady Grey I really think this is a personal choice, If you want fuller coverage I'd go and check it out and maybe get an MA to try some on you, It's just not for me at the moment!

  5. Interesting post, its a shame about the ELF blush and bronzer, it a gorgeous palette but loads of people have been complaining about the bronzer, I keep thinking of buying it then remember the negative reviews and change my mind x

  6. Ack! I actually don't own any of those products, but thanks for the heads up! I do so much research before buying that usually I don't have regrets! But, it takes me FOREVER to make a purchase LOL

  7. I love ELF bronzer ..really do, I have asaian med dark skin so it contours beautifully. I wanted to try loreal primer but read so many negative reviews I dropped the idea.barry m lipgloss looks gorgeous. Wish it was available where I live*sighs*

  8. That's a bummer about the e.l.f. bronzer and blush! I've never tried e.l.f. before- as it's not carried anywhere that I normally go. It's at a store that I pass on my way to school though I recently found out, so I was considering stopping and checking it out one day this week, and planning on getting a blush and a bronzer! Maybe the single ones won't be so awful?

    And I think that the barry m lipgloss is gorgeous, I love milky lavender/pinky colors! My boyfriend thinks I look a bit goofy when I wear them, but I like them! aha :) This is a fun little post, I think I might try to do one if you don't mind! God knows I have a ton of products that I regret buying... lol

  9. @Sarah, I think it would be an amazing contour on darker skin like yours, I'm just too pale to carry it off, so sad for the price!! Maybe in the summer when I get a bit of colour :)

    @Caitlin I didn't realise elf was stocked in any stores, I just thought it was only online, interesting!

  10. I totally agree with the Barry m lip gloss, I love the colour in the tube but it really doesn't suit me. The consistency is great so I'm gonna give the other colours a go x

  11. I agree about the elf blush/bronzer the bronzer looks awful on me! XO

  12. Hello Laura! I got to know your blog via your giveaway and I'm one of the new followers! I love make up and everything beauty related but I'm pretty new to this "world" so I started a blog not long ago ( if you want to check) to share my views, reviews, news, tips... everything we love.

    I'm loving your blog, it's so cute!
    I've been wanting to try the Studio Sculpt but I always forget to ask samples, but I don't think I'll every buy it since I don't need another full coverage foundation.
    Never tried anything by Barry M and I want to get Nars Albatroz, you're so lucky ;)

  13. I found the same thing with the lipgloss, I just felt like it looked funny on me!


  14. I tagged you ! :)

  15. there's really a time that we don't feel well when we see something we want and if we got it, nothing craving stops...sometimes we need control ...

  16. I've tagged you for an award :) xx

  17. @Dani M & Olivia! Thank you :) I'll go and have a look and try to get it up this week!! xx

  18. I totally agree with you on the blush and bronzer compact, it's actually ridiculous how dark the bronzer is, I don't know anyone who likes it!

    Rosie xx xx

  19. I`ve got an idea to reuse the ELF Contouring & Blush Compact, in particular the bronzer: use it as a shadow in the crease to achieve depth.
    I love the blush!

  20. Wasn't a fan of the loreal primer either, I prefer my elf mineral one now. Haven't tried any of the other stuff though. x

  21. Strange that the Neutrogena moisturiser is no use - I use the facial scrub and would have to find something pretty special to make me switch products! I guess it's all down to the different choices our own specific (and picky!) skin types need!

    Also, it's interesting to hear more about ELF products, I'm a bit n00bie when it comes to them, and so I'm reading up!

    Katie x

  22. I was going to get the Barry M lipgloss in no.4 but I heard so many bad reviews. It seems that its not loved haha x

  23. What a good idea for a post! I think I agree using a moisturiser and a primer is too much, I think you can use the primer instead of moisturising, I know it's not ideal tho as personally have my own little routine and love my moisturiser but if i was to use primer i'd skip my moisturiser.


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