Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekend Shopping


I've been a bit slack on posting this last week but I thought I'd show you what I bought when I went shopping yesterday, It's predominantly MAC with one token NARS item thrown in!!

l-r NARS Sheer Glow
MAC 209 Brush
MAC Sea & Sky Mineralize Eyeshadow
Frankly Scarlet & Fleur Power Blush
Costa Chic Lipstick

Sheer Glow was a repurchase for me because I adore it! I haven't been able to get this for ages though because It's been sold out online and I only occasionally get to a NARS counter.

I was served by a very knowledgeable man on the NARS counter, and my instinct told me he was something more than just an MA working on a counter, the French accent also helped me, It turned out he was Benoit Dumont, one of NAR's top guys!

I actually got Sea & Sky from one of my friends as a belated birthday present and I love it because I wouldn't have normally picked up a mineralize eyeshadow, nevermind in such a vibrant blue, but it's divine!!

I've been sooo bored of all of my cheek products lately, so I decided to take the plunge and purchase a product that I've had on my wishlist for ages, Frankly Scarlet blush. It's a vibrant Claret and It's makes me come over all Snow White when I wear this! I would warn you to use this sparingly though, otherwise you might look more Clown than Fairytale princess!

Fleur Power was a split second choice, but it's lovely, It's without shimmer so It's a nice everyday blush, and the pigmentation is amazing.

I got Costa Chic with Back to MAC and It's a gorgeous colour, I was so drawn in by this I just had to get it!

Finally the 209 brush was the next brush I wanted and it's perfect for gel eyeliner!

If you want any swatches of these, just tell me below and I'll be happy to put them up!!

TBS xxx


  1. I really fancy Frankly Scarlet - it looks fab!

  2. Oh the Fleur Power blush is so so pretty!!! Just loved it, a really easy color to wear on an everyday basis :)

  3. Sea and Sky looks absolutely gorgeous! xx

  4. I love that Sea & Sky eyeshadow, what a fantastic colours!


  5. @Lucie, I love it!
    @Lady Grey, It's wayy out of my comfort zone but It's amazing!
    @Cherries, It's going to become a favourite!
    @Monika, I think i'll wear this wet along my lash line most.
    @Caroline, they are aren't they!

  6. Hi dear, a review on nars sheer glow and MAC brush wud be really appreciated! I wud love to c d swatch of d lipstick ASAP!

  7. @Divija Reddy I have done a review of Sheer Glow already, it's on here somewhere!! I'll get a swatch up soon x

  8. lovellyyy! Please do include swatches!

  9. I donr own anything from NARS I really want to buy something :) XO

  10. @Hannah I don't own too much from NARS as I find sometimes it's too hard to justify the price, but the things I do own I love! xx

  11. wow lovely purchases hun! loving the blushes :)

  12. Oh nice haul!!! We don't have a NARS counter in my country QQ


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