Thursday, 7 January 2010

Return of the MAC

Hi Everyone,

On Monday night I decided on a whim to purchase a couple of items from the MAC website, one particular item I had in mind, but the rest were on a completly "in the moment" decisions.

(l-r Black Tied E/S Electra E/S Blissed Out Nail Laquer Espresso E/S)

Blissed Out Nail Laquer

This was the only thing I really wanted when I went on to the website, and It's been justified, I'm in love!
I've only tested it out on my pinky nail, but i'm going to paint them all in it tonight, the perfect nude peach.

Electra Eyeshadow

I saw a swatch of it, decided it looked pretty and bought it. Minimum thought went into this purchase, but It's fantastic so I don't care! The pigmentation is off the scale, my perfect andidote to my regular golds and browns.

Espresso Eyeshadow

But saying that, this creeped in! I've wanted a matte brown in my palette for a while to balance out the 'shimmer shimmer' of it all, and I think this will be good for a simple day look, I'm not bowled over by it, but I think it was a good choice.

Black Tied Eyeshadow


Behold, the product of a hasty online shopping binge. I'd like to open this section with WHAT WAS I THINKING. I've seen this so many times and always decided against it, and for good reason! Firstly I'm not a fan of chunky glitter, unless its for festive purposes. I am not Thirteen. Secondly, It is basically the twin of Urban Decay Oil Slick, which I have in about three different palettes. The only difference is Oil Slick leaves Black Tied lagging behind in terms of pigmentation. I think this is going to be used exclusivly for setting black eyeliner.

So remember ladies, think before you click!

Lots of Love Laura xxx

p.s the reason for the return of photographs is not because my new laptop has arrived, I have simply learnt how to email myself pictures from my phone, after upgrading in August...the technophobe strikes again.


  1. so remember before you click (this cracked me up , it's so me !!!)

    Caro xxx

  2. Espresso looks a lot like Benefit Hoola Bronzer!xx

  3. Ha! I was just about to say that Black Tied "looks like oil slick"! I hate glitter, it goes all over your face! I liked Elektra, I might get that one eventhough I'm not an eyeshadow person, the colour looks very original.


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