Tuesday, 19 January 2010

17 Again...

When I think of 17, I initially associate it with the questionable make up choices of my early teens, bright green eyeshadow anybody??

But after a friend mentioned to me that her current favourite eyeshadow was from 17, I decided to check it out.

l-r regal, statuesque, mardi gras.

I am so impressed with these little gems, the pigmentation is fantastic, and I've been using regal over black eyeliner on my upper lash line and I adore it.
For £3.49 each, how can you say no!?
When I first swiped some of Statuesque & Mardi Gras on my hand they very much reminded me of Woodwinked and Sable.
so I put them side by side!

woodwinked/sable vs statuesque/mardi gras.

They may not be perfect matches, but if you don't want to spent £11 on a single eyshadow, I can't reccomend these more!!
They are lovely warm browns that will suit almost everyone.

I'll be paying a lot more attention to this line in future.

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

Watch this space for the next few days, my 50 follower contest will be going up!!

 Urban Decay Preen Palette
Ruby & Millie Brush Set

Just to say thank you :)


  1. I have satauesque and mardi grass the pigmentation shocked me so much when i first swatched these and woodwinked was the first thing to pop into my head as well, so of cource i had to buy them. I also have funfair which is a really light pink with gold reflects :) x

  2. The colours are gorgeous! Will definetly think about getting Statuesque & Mardi Gras as they're really wearable :)

  3. @confessions of a beauty addict
    I nearly went for funfair but I'd swapped it for regal! I'm thinking about going back for it though!
    They're amazing quality for the price, pretty neautral shades are my favourite!

  4. i love these shadows too :)
    i find you have to kind of get through the top layer, and then they get creamier and so much easier to work with :)
    love them!

  5. @AbbieAndBrian
    I've found this too, they're getting creamier and richer each time! xx

  6. OMG! they luk like twins ;)

    u r nominated for ton lotta awards, dear!

  7. These look great, will definatley be checking these out next time i'm in Boots!
    I like the special edition stuff they tend to do every so often :)

  8. @Divja Reddy, I'll check them out!
    @Alice, I'm going to keep a better eye on 17 from now on, I was very impressed!


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