Monday, 31 August 2009

August Favourites

I love watching these videos/reading these blog posts so here is my very own!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of pictures in my recent blog posts, my laptop charger has given up the ghost, so until I get my act together and get a new one I am confined to the PC in my mums office. Defiantly thumbs down!

I've had a lovely month, I've been away, I've caught up with friends after being severely out of the loop and I've nearly finished decorating/re-doing my bedroom! (as soon as its done expect a picture!)

In other good news my camera is fixed!!! Which means, I can film!!! I'm so excited about this as I've been itching to film some videos for a lonnng while, and I've got a lovely list of good video ideas to do! Its a new channel which is looking verrryyy lonely at the moment so please take a minute to subscribe if you would, I feel a bit cheeky asking to subscribe to a redundant channel but I promise to fill it up as soon as I can!

Right, now for my favourites!!

ELF Warm Bronze -

I know, I know! I'm not the first person to bang on about this product but boy does it deserve a place in my favourites, It gives me a beautiful shimmer on my cheeks and I have been using this daily over my blusher. For £3.50 I couldn't ask for anything more! I have an abundance of highlighters and this is beating them all at the moment.

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara -

I know I'm late to this product as we don't have Sephora in the UK and make up for ever is hard to get hold of, but my I sent my Dad with a list for Sephora as he went to France for a month this summer, he did me proud!

I think this mascara is wonderful. Really long full lashes* that has so far lived up to the hype. I was really nervous that this would fall below my expectations but I'm glad to say so far so good!

* How I wish I had a photo for this part of the blog :(


- Grand Entrance (Lid)

- Woodwinked (Crease)

- Phloof (Corner of Eye)

This is my new favourite everyday combination that I can do quickly without the danger of looking like a clown as I fly out of the door. I could easily put most of the Love That Look Eyeshadows in here but I feel that Grand Entrance has earned it as I've defiantly used it the most.


I can't get enough of strong brows at the moment, (I'm actually laughing to myself about the statement "strong brows" in bold!) I've actually been using twice baked by Urban Decay which sounds ludicrous as all Urban Decay eyeshadows are renowned for their glitter BUT this seems to work wonders! It happened initially out of desperation as I took an UD palette away with me and it was the only colour half suitable for this job and it actually looks really good and matches my eyebrows perfectly! I must add that the eyeshadow has been used a lot and isn't as glittery as a new one so this may explain a few things!



I got this at the airport last week and have used it constantly since I got it, what can I say? I just love smelling like a tropical fruit salad!! It may be too sweet for some but I can't get enough of it I picked up a few in Duty Free but I defiantly like this one the best!
I hope you enjoyed my favourites, what are yours?!!!
Love xxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Post Holiday Ramble

I got back from my week long escape to the sun on Tuesday and I'm still trying to catch up with everything! After a day of sorting and complaining about the abysmal weather the UK has offered today a quick post holiday round up seems to be just the tonic!

I went away last week to a lovely area of Crete and stayed in a beautiful villa in the middle of nowhere (It was up a steep dirt track, we were convinced we were going the wrong way) which had the most amazing views of the white mountains in Crete.

On the way I picked up a few things in Duty Free at the Airport, some planned, some a result of my expected Duty Free frenzy.

I went to the MAC counter and picked up a few eyeshadows:

Ego & Strike A Pose from the Love That Look Collection.
Amber Lights

I bought mostly neutral shades as i'm trying to complete my neutral pallete but I couldn't resist strike a pose, its gorgeous!!

I also picked up Blacktrack fluidline as i've always used an eye pencil and smoked it out, I'm not a massive liquid eyeliner wearer as i'm too impatient! BUT so far I really like this, I used it with an angled eyeliner brush and I managed to do it quickly and easily with really pleasing results.

Finally I picked up two Victoria Secret body spritz's, I've heard good things about them but I haven't been able to get them until now. I could literally eat them!! I love spraying this on smelling like sweets and they're a really reasonable price too! (I've actually asked my sister to pick me up another one when she goes away this week!). I bought Pure Seduction & Love Spell. I wouldn't reccomend these if you don't like really fruity sweet smelling products though as they are really really sweet smelling.

Right Enough Haul Talk! I didn't buy anything beauty related on Holiday as there wasn't anywhere, so circumstance helped my weak resolve!

My saving grace in the make up department this holiday has to be Gold Deposit MSF by MAC, It really set off my skin and made me look more "done up" in a second when I was rushing to get out in the evening when i'd underestimated on time.
Maybelline Collosal also did me proud, no panda eye incidents for me!

Being back home does have some bonuses though, no greasy suncream, no giant hair. I went out today and purchased a hair mask to treat my locks to some much needed moisture.

I love holidays but I think despite my moaning the week after I get back, I secretly like my familiar home routines!

Lonnnng Blog Post, so i'm going to say goodbye!!

What are your HG holiday products?

TBS xxx

Monday, 17 August 2009

In & Out

Hi Everyone!

Here is an In & Out, I think this is my favourite type of blog at the moment!

IN -

- MAC Love That Look eyeshadow collection, I'm loving this!! I've already bought Grand Entrance and Smoke & Diamonds and I may get a few more tomorrow!
- Going on holiday tomorrroww!!! Sun, sea and a cocktail or two.
- Jelly Gladiator Sandals, I got a bronze pair and I think they're going to be my most worn pair of holiday shoes :)
- MAC 187 Brush, how I love you so.
- Maybelline Colossal Lash Mascara, It is the best drugstore mascara I have tried for a while.
- Danny Wallace, Friends Like These. This book really makes me laugh. "Potatoooo!" I'm going to take it away with me and read it again.


- Myth Lipstick, I give up. I've battled with it for too long, I'm just not this much of a nude lip girl!
- Fake Tan vs Swimming Pool, this is going to be the sticking point of my whole holiday!
- My poor cat is going bald and nobody can work out why!! We think it might be behavioural :(
- Still not having my vanity table organised, even though I've been moved in about 2 months now!
- Having the most irregular sleep pattern known to man! urgh!

Anyway, hope you're all ok, love! xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mini Haul!!

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I got a little MAC delivery in the post :) so I'd thought I'd share!!

I am in LOVE with the starflash/love that look eyeshadows!! The swatches on the website are not a great representation of what the colours look like on so do not be put off by the apparent mediocrity!!

I didn't go too mad on these as i'm going away on Holiday in a week so I thought i'd pick the rest up whilst I'm away, but these were the two I had to have right now.


SMOKE & DIAMONDS (I keep calling it smoke and mirrors haha)

These two are amazing, I love shimmer in an eyeshadow (not glitter, shimmer!!) so Grand Entrance is perfect, the peachy/gold tone of the shadow is so pretty on the lid, 8/10!! (2 points deducted for realising I had a pretty convincing dupe in a random pallette)

Smoke & Diamonds is a gorgeous colour for a smokey eye, this has to be the best one!!

check temptalia for good swatches :)

I'm definatly picking up ego and glamour check when I go away

I went ahead and bought two brushes from MAC.

187 Duo Fibre Face Brush

I'm not sure why I didn't get this brush earlier, I suppose its because I use a kabuki (181) for powder and the 129 for blush.

I decided to get it for a rediculous reason that I'm quite ashamed to admit. I got it because its black and white and looks pretty in my brush holder!!!


Now I have it I love it for more than its badger appearance, it puts on powder amazing, and you can really get into the side of your nose etc, new favourite of the month!!

190 Foundation Brush

I've been using a similar Ruby and Millie foundation brush, which I reccomend for a cheaper dupe of the 190, but I decided to splash out on a MAC one. I loveee it, its soft and applies foundation really nicely!!

That was it for my mini haul, I've definatly been bitten by the love that look bug, watch out here I come!!


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Essentials!

I'm well and truely looking forward to my upcoming Holiday so following this theme I thought i'd do a quick post on my top 10 holiday beauty essentials! I went to Boots today and picked up a few things so i'll talk about that too when i'm done.

1 - Leave In Conditioner.

I just cannot go on holiday without leave in conditioner, it keeps my hair tangle free and soft and protect it from the heat during the day. AUSSIE Miracle Hair Insurance is my product of choice as it smells wonderful and works really well on my hair.

(Any Aussie Haircare is 2 for £6 at Boots at the moment!!)

2 - SPF Lipbalm.

We tend to forget to protect our lips whilst sunning ourselves, but its important you choose a lipbalm with SPF to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Check out MAC's new Baby Bloom collection for a selection of SPF 20 lip tints in pretty summer colours, or alternativly try Vasaline lip therapy for a good cheap alternative.

3 - Waterproof Mascara.

This is a MUST for me!! If i'm lazing by the pool or going to the beach I don't want to be scared about panda eyes! I bought Maybelline Colossal to try out this holiday so fingers crossed!!

4 - Bronzer

Its the perfect weapon to brighten up your new tan or even calm down some accidental sunburn.
I'm taking ELF warm bronzer on Holiday, It was super cheap and gives good results so i'm not too scared to travel with it!

5 - Cleansing Wipes

Quick, easy and perfect to freshen up your face if you're in a rush to get out at night!

6 - Good SPF Suncream.

ALWAYS KEEP PROTECTED!! I never go below an SPF 30, a tan may look good but does wrinkle free lovely skin look better when you're older??

7 - Coral/Pink/Orange/Purple nails!!!

Brights rule for perfect holiday nails, I'm loving the fun colours Barry M have bought out recently, I bought the 303 Bright Purple today and I think this is coming away with me aswell as Bright Orange!!

8 - Brush Roll.

I can't travel without my Brush Roll, it protects my Brushes and keeps them in top condition for me!

9 - Tinted Moisturiser.

If you're not confident enough to bare all in the evenings, try a tinted moisteriser to give you light coverage without melting off in the heat and hydrate your face.

10 - Fragrance.

I recommend buying a cheaper body spray or spritz to carry around with you in the day, but keep to light floral scents for a perfect holiday smell!!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ruby & Millie Pigments

After a late night make up sort last night, a Ruby & Millie make up set really captured my attention. It's sat in my ever expanding collection for a few years now and has never really had the love it deserves so I decided to play around with what was in it.

I wouldn't say i'm overly impressed with all of the make up in the set, the gel blushers are AWFUL. They just just don't work for me at all. I'm not too crazy about some of the matt eyeshadows in the pallette either, they leave a lot of fallout and they pigmentation is quite weak.


There were four pigments in the set, 10 White , 01 Black, 50 Purple & 20 Yellow.

I love these!!

The pigmentation is really good and they have the perfect amount of shimmer. I love the size of these aswell. I'm wary about buying MAC pigments because I know i'll never finish them, so apart from the Holiday collections I don't tend to get them.


The white has a gold pearl in it and it looks amazing from every angle and the purple pigment comes out as more of a plum/burgundy colour which is soo nice!!

I'm not so impressed with the Black pigment as there was a lot of fall out and I felt it was more grey on the skin.
My favourites by far are the White and Purple pigment, the White is a great dupe for MAC's Vanilla pigment.
Overall a great alternative to MAC pigments, available at Boots!!!


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

'Bright Spark' Beauty Tip!


I really couldn't help the cheesy title for this blog, I tried to keep it cool but corny won over!

Just a quick tip I thought i'd share before I go to bed -

We all know that the Naked Honey collection has been recently released at MAC but just a pot of the real thing can work a treat on your face!

How I do this is just get a jar of clear honey from the supermarket, then before I apply the honey to my face I just warm up a flannel with hot water, drain all the water from it and steam my face to open up my pores (you could also do this with a bowl of boiling water and a towel, but be careful!!)
Then I simply apply the honey to my face and leave for 10-15 minutes.
I wash of with warm water and then wash my face with cold water to close up my pores.


I use this occasionally and it really does work wonders! (but be prepared to get a little sticky!!)

If you don't feel like going down the Honey route in its purest form, why not try the 'Brazened Honey' Mask from Lush, as this too will perk up tired skin and leave it smooth and nourished!!

Laura xx

PS - After having trouble with my camera I decided to put a Tutorial on Youtube using pictures I took with my mobile camera, so I apologize!! BUT please go and check out my channel, and if you want subscribe as a I promise lots more exciting videos will be up soon! Maybe this week if I can get it sorted!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Late Night In & Out


Just a late night ramble as I CAN NOT SLEEP! It's 2.25am and I'm fully awake, blahh.

Sooo I thought i'd a do a quick In & Out :)


  • Vera Wang 'Rock Princess' - This is my new perfume of choice, its a more grown up version of Princess and it's a perfect "going out" scent.
  • Going on Holidayyyy! - Only 17 Days until I jet off into the sun for a nice week long break :)
  • Free Body Shop Eyeliners with In Style, a pleasant addition to my monthly fashion/beauty read.
  • Barbie PINK EVERYTHING! - Lipstick, Nails, Candles, Flowers. Its a problem.
  • Topshop Fairtrade Tunic's. I have about 4 in different colours now, I love them!


  • Being sooo unorganised - I haven't sorted anything out for my holiday yet, I need to write a list and work through!
  • Bad Beauticians. I decided to take a chance on a salon this week and it resulted in a terrible manicure (coats & coats of gloopy nail varnish and cuticle oil applied OVER the nail varnish whilst still wet?!) and an unnoticeable eyebrow shape (there were tonnes of hairs left and I walked out with wax all stuck to my lids! I don't think I'll ever go back...
  • The MAC 195 Brush, however much I try this just doesn't seem to work with studio sculpt concealer, I always end up blending it out with my finger, is the brush, or the foundation?! I love SS so it's pretty much sat redundant for a while now.
  • Getting into an eyeshadow rut - I've been using the same combination (Rubenesque PP, Jest all over the lid and Shroom as a highlight) for an everyday eye look now for about a month, i'm bored!!

I might post a tutorial with this everyday look, and experiment on a new look for myself!!

Night Night everybody! xxx

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