Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Update, General Ramble.

Hello :)

The Beauty Spark has been lacking a bit of 'Spark' this week, I've been soo ill that i've hardly worn make up, so any inspiration has been in short supply!!

I'm starting to get better though, I managed to drag myself to work today, but i'm still coughing all over the place. I even have to carry around an you get any more sexy/cool?!

I have literally had to restrain myself from internet binges the past few days, I've had my card poised and at the ready several times but it's gone back in the purse with Christmas in mind.

I have been obsessing over these two products though, and unlike all my other 'essential' items I nearly bought, I keep thinking about them.

They are both Illamasqua -

Furore Pigment: I rarely buy Pigments, but it just looks so versatile and wonderful, I'm very interested!

Enrapture: Molten Bronze, I really want to try one of these, are they worth it??

Alsoo, If you haven't heard of Glee you really should have!! I've been watching it on the internet and It's literally my favourite show ever! I'm totally musical theatre, and was a musical theatre child, so it's right up my street :) I think it's being piloted on E4 on the 15th December, so tune in!!

Ok, that's all for my little ramble.

Meet Sue Slyvester, She is without doubt my favourite character.

"Santana, Gay Kid, Wheels, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha, Shaft"

Ok, Lots Of Love,

Laura xxx

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  1. Love love love glee <3
    Hope you feeling better soon ;)


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