Thursday, 17 December 2009

Colour Wheel Series: Coral Queen

We're in the depths of Winter, It's all about plums, burgundy, deep oranges and browns....and i'm obsessed with coral, i'm "cobsessed". It's my little peice of summer in the grey murky winter.

I love wearing peach and coral hues with neutrals, Innotive? Maybe not, Me? Yes :)


These are my current favourites -

(l-r BarryM 147, Ravashing, Style)

MAC RAVISHING LIPSTICK: I love this as a more sublte pop of colour, I've never been too much of a nude lip girl, so I don't think this is too out there for the day time :)
Barry M 147 Lip Paint: This has a more matte finish, and is more vibrant, so it's more of a statement lip. I love to wear a really neutral face, big lashes and lots of this!

Style Blush: I lovvve this with UD Quickie, the reason I've resisted Benefit Coralista!
Barry M Flamingo Nail Paint: Peachy Coral Perfection! I've been more towards dark nails recently, but I wore this to death and still love it.

(l-r Flamingo Pink, Coral)

STYLE: Coral Accents with Neutrals.

Taupe Suede Court Shoes: Primark
Grey Tulip Skirt: Topshop
Clutch:New Look
Shirt:Massimo Dutti Mens

The Neautraliy of the Navy, Grey and Taupe are lifted by the flash of Coral, I love this Necklace, It was an amazing buy from Primark!!

The Gold chain of the clutch picks up the gold on the necklace :)

Finally, These Shoes are the cheapest and the BEST, I bought them in about three different colours!!
They're classic and go with most outfits.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm going to do a few colour themed posts like this!!
Next Up: Purple
Lots of Love,
Laura xxx


  1. Love this post hun :D

    I've been collecting coral bits and pieces for a coral-themed post too hehe. 147 is one of my faves.

    I love that necklace and the Mac lipstick!

    What's 'Style Blush'? It looks lovely. I just bought Coralista off of ebay but it turned out to be a fake doh :( I'll get it one day lol! Pink Flamingo is also on my wish list. x

  2. Wow the shoes ... Primark you said?! they're lovely, and so is the outfit !! I really like the clutch too :)


  3. @Lu It's from MAC :)

    @Marie Thanks!

  4. Primark is really fun :) I get lost nd end up emptying my wallet...thnq hun:)

  5. @Divija Reddy I know, I love it for cheap thrills!


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