Monday, 16 November 2009

Whats In My Purse?!

I love these types of posts/videos so here is mine!!

This is the bag I always tend to use, it's either this or a black leather over the shoulder bag from topshop.

The bag is by Guess and it's the perfect size to hold all of my rubbish without being too big to find anything!

So...What's in my bag?!

It's getting colder now so I always have a pair of gloves in my bag, these are grey cashmere, they're so soft!

I'm using a brown leather purse from Accesorize at the moment, it's not that exciting but it does the job!
My Paying in book & Cheque Book
Sunglasses for driving! These were from Blacks haha
Animal Print Umbrella, I love it!
Handy Wipes from Superdrug, always.
Pen, you always need a pen!
Car Keys!

My Phone is an LG Arena, but I took the pictures with it, so it's not in here!
I don't carry many makeup items really, but I always have.

Lipstick - this one is Ambre Rose, Maybelline.
Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
Vera Wang Princess roll on, perfect for my handbag!

So that's it! Hope you have a great week!

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx


  1. i want some nice new gloves, preferably like your grey ones! i have nominated you for a blog award, dont think you have done this one. x

  2. Love these posts, thanks for sharing! I have heard good things about the solid dhampoo. Hadnt thought of carrying it around with m though. Emma :)
    Stop by and say hi sometime

  3. Great tag hun, ive been meaning to do this on my blog! Also, i just picked up ambre rose today!:)


  4. @computergirl haha oops I meant to write solid perfume!!!

    @DaintDollymix It's so nice :)

    @BitsofFluff I'll do it soon!


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