Thursday, 26 November 2009

Teeny Mini MAC Haul :)

I went to MAC on Saturday and it was sooooo busy that I had to literally fight my way to the counter!!

I really wanted to spend my time looking at the eyeshadows but I had lots of very impatient people trying to budge me and my friend out of the way, not cool.

So, I ended up getting one planned thing, and one unplanned but really nice thing :)

"Style" Blush & "Ravishing" Lipstick

You can probably tell from the picture that i've used them a few times already but I couldn't wait!!
I love them both! I'm on a real coral/peach kick at the moment, it's my favorite shade to wear.

Quick First Impressions -

Style blush is so pretty, it warms up my face and gives me a nice healthy glow without being too OTT.

Ravishing is just the right amount of coral to be suitable for day or night for me, I swatched quite a few of them and I just liked the look of this best :) It is a lustre so I feel like it's not as wow as i'd like it to be for evening, but it's such a pretty day lipstick or for a more casual night look.

I'm going to do a FOTD with these soon, so watch out! I'll actually make the effort to remember!!

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

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