Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Night In & Out

I've had such a busyy weekend so I'm going to be a bit lazy with today's post!!


- Coral.
I'm talking coral blush, coral lipstick, coral clothing, i'm a definate 'coralista' at the moment, expect a post on my favourites :) curiously enough I am yet to own coralista blush!!
- Star Melt by Lush.
That Snow Fairy scent should have a warning on it, it's soo addictive.
- Lady GaGa - Bad Romance.
I first heard it and though, what? I heard it a second time and thought, wow. Love the song, lovvve the video! How much Alexander McQueen can you squeeze into one music video :)


-Lack of sunshine/daylight in my life.
I get up it's dark, I finish work and it's dark, where is the daylight in my day!! come back!
-Winter Weather.
You're causing havoc with my hair routine, go away.
- Christmas Panic.
The shops are slowly getting busier and busier, I want to do my shopping in peace thank you, calm down!

Right i'm off to have another lush bath (3 days in a row haha) to try some other new products.
p.s  I used No Name Elf yesterday, quite a mixed bag, but interesting!! Expect another quick fire review tomorrow!!

Lots of Love,

Laura  xxxx

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