Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday Lust List

It's been such a disgusting day outside I've just spent the last hour browsing my usual make up/fashion haunts online rather than brave the shops.

I have come the decision that I need (not just want) the following:

E.L.F single eyeshadow in amethyst. 

I'm curious to see how the new elf range stands up, and this colour is just too perfect for the holiday season.

Topshop Striped Tunic

Breton style tops have been a staple of my wardbrobe right through the summer and have carried my through into winter, add sleeves and blazer and you're laughing.

OPI - Suzi and the Lifeguard & Ate Berries In the Canaries. 
Just because!

Happy Weekend!! 

Laura xxx


  1. I have just ordered that eye shadow for me and my best friend! I shall let you know what its like!


  2. I love everything that you are lusting after hun!
    I especially love OPI polishes!

  3. Great list, I have the Studio e/s in charcoal, not amethyst yet though. Quite like the charcoal one though and have written a review/EOTD post on my blog.

    Have a great weekend :) Emma

  4. I just ordered that colour of shadow and I have the tunic below it too <3 I love seeing things I have on other peoples me a little more faith that my taste isn't too awful :) or at least, that i'm not the only one! xx


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