Monday, 30 November 2009

Quick Fire Review: Lush Wee Harry/No Name Elf Bubble Bar

What It Promises:
A warm spicy bath experience, pure christmas indulgence!

First Impressions:
It's Christmas in a Bubble Bar, but I couldn't find an Elf with two eyes!

How did it go?:
It turned the water a really vivid orange colour, which I wasn't so crazy about, I felt a bit like I was bathing in Irn Bru!
It didn't feel as moisturising as a Star Melt, but when I shaved my legs in the bath, they were sooo soft, so who knows!

How much is it?:
£2.95 each, but I only used the 'hat' of wee harry and it was more than enough, about 3 or 4 more uses left!

Star Rating:

Where Can I Get It?:

Lush Stores Nationwide &

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A 'Wee' Mystery!!

I had a dark plum nail varnish on when I used this bubble bar, and when I got out I noticed that the bubble bar had turned my nail varnish a greeny colour! Not unlike copper when it oxidises!! very bizarre.
Have you experienced this??

Lots of Love, Laura xxx


  1. I love Lush but i've never actually bought anything! Im going to get a few things for Christmas to try - this bubble bar is really cute!

  2. @Caz You need to get Star Melt & Snow Fairy for sure!! xx


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