Saturday, 7 November 2009

Overdue October Favourites

We're now full on into the month of November and I'm only just putting up my October Favourites! It's my favourite type of post so I couldn't not do it!!

I only have a few as I've been trying not to spend excessive amounts of beauty products this month, and I haven't had the time to shop!! Some are new finds, others are old friends.

Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush - Tippy

I always go for this blush if I'm in a rush or just need a quick flush on my cheeks, It's my perfect blush and I've been using it loads this month, I'm trying to go steady on it as it's a LE but I can't help but use it!

This photo doesn't reflect how pink this is, it's much more bubblegum in person.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation -

Woah blurry picture...

Since I purchased this I've used nothing else, It's wonderful, I wrote a review on it a couple of weeks ago, so give it a read for the full story!! But in a few short words - BEST FOUNDATION ON THE HIGH STREET

MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study

I have been wearing this in the day nearly all month, It's just always next to my mirror when I'm doing my make up and It's the quickest way to faking flawless eye make up when paired with a neutral shadow.

Lush Snow Fairy Solid Perfume -

It smells like sweets, It's small enough to put in my pocket and It's not going to leak in your handbag, I heart Snow Fairy!!

So that's all I have for this month, what are you October Favourites?!

Also 9 followers to 50! Thank You to everybody who reads this, you're ace!!!

Laura xxxx


  1. I really want too try that foundation!!


  2. Great products, I knwo what you mean about the LE stuff though. It is so cruel when you fall for a LE product!!
    Emma :)

  3. @Hannah - you should, for the price it's amazing!

    @Emma - I know!


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