Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Nivea Visage Radience Boosting Daily Scrub...My Skin Saviour

My skin has been looking increasingly dull and uncared for recently, due to working late and a seriously lapse in skincare routine.
Even after I used my regular exfoliator (Benefit Honey, Snap Out Of It) & did a face mask (MAC Volcanic Ash) etc etc I still didn't feel like my skin felt boosted or fresh.

I was actually taking a shower at my mum's and decided to have a sneaky poke around her shower stuff whilst I was in there, and I saw this on the shelf in the shower. I decided she wouldn't mind if I tried it and I'm so glad that I did.

The usual scrubs I go for are more 'hands on' exfoliators with large bits of abrasive in them to work my skin, but I'm totally convinced that this is the way to go now.

The Nivea scrub is less gritty than a normal exfoliator and comes out more like a gel when you put it in your hand, but one you rub it on your face you can feel the tiny abrasive particles working their socks off!

My skin was left smooth, fresh and just looked more healthy. It reminded me of a more high end exfoliator and it's only good old nivea! It even left the sides of my nose really smooth as I seem to get dry skin there the most.

I went out and bought myself this the next day and I'm using it religiously, my skin is looking healthy and radiant.

I got this for about £5.00 which, for the results it's produced is fantastic!

Hope you're having a good week, I'm so excited about the Weekend/Friday!

Also I'm sooo close to 50! Thanks guys!!
I'm going to run a little competition once I get to 50 and I promise it'll be a good one! So spread the word!!

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

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