Friday, 27 November 2009

Lush Star Melt, Quick Fire Review.

Quick Fire Review: Lush Star Melt

What It Promises:
The Icing Sugar in the Melt promises a sweet, moisturising bath experience.

First Impressions:
Smells Devine, Pretty!

How Did It Go?:
The smell was delicious, the bath went a creamy pink colour (not unlike yazoo) and my skin felt moisturised and soft.

How Much Is It?:
£2.45 each, It's so addictive it could end up being an expensive habit!!

Star Rating:

Where Can I Get It?:

Lush Stores Nationwide &

Click Here to see what I bought from Lush!!

Love, Laura xxx


  1. I have this and love it! Thanks :) Emma

  2. Hey hun, Iv tagged you for an award on my blog :)


  3. Great review hun!
    I like the look of this and was gunna pick it up but im not sure why i didnt! I will definitely get it when im next in lush!


  4. @Emma, I'm already addicted!
    @Tanya, aw thank you!! I'll remember to do this :)
    @DDM - yes you must! it's heaven in a bath product :)

  5. I used this today and loved having a pink bath! Haha XO


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