Tuesday, 10 November 2009

In & Out, In & Out, Shake It All About!

It's nearly midnight and I'm trying to squeeze a blog post in, I'm going a bit loopy with fatigue so excuse the title...



My current favourite beauty product...I bought three new MAC Lipsticks the other day...
Utter Fun (LE Holiday)
Suprise Me (LE Holiday)

Girls Next Door

I wasn't sure about a new series of the GND, but I'm warming to the newbies, I E! and it's trashy television!

Free Nails Inc Nail Polish in Glamour.

Call me obsessive but I went to SIX different shops that sold Glamour so I could get my hands on Elizabeth St!! I also bought the really dark nail polish which is gorgeous too, I'm going to paint my nails with them tomorrow.

Day Off Tomorrow!!!

Yaaay!!! I'm going to catch up on pampering, book in my hair for the weekend, and do whatever I want!


It's been a nightmare the past few weeks.

Being seriously out of the loop with all of my best friends.

I miss them all!! Hopefully I catch up this weekend though.
Lazy Skincare.

I've been so tired/busy this past week I've seriously neglected my skin. It's starting to show...hello tired looking, break out skin...blurgh!!

Night Night Beauties


1 comment:

  1. I hate it when your too tired too do your normal skin routine, it always feels like a chore!

    Enjoy your day off



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