Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Barry M Lip Paint

I love Barry M, I think It's a fantastic drugstore brand and their products always seem to deliver, but I have never tried their lip paint!!

So I went on a little shopping trip on Sunday, and decided to buy two lip paints, in shade 147 and 145 :)

(the flash has kinda washed out the coral lipstick but it's much more vibrant in person)

I have to say, I am soo impressed with these two!

The lighter coral shade is a lot more matte than the hot pink shade, but I think it looks really cool when it's on, BUT it can look "chalky" if you're not careful, which seems to be the biggest down on the lip paints. I don't know if the hot pink is a newer formulation lip paint but it seems to be more creamy when I apply it.

This is how it looks on :)

147 - Peachy Coral

145 - Hot Pink

I only applied these quickly to take a picture but the pigmentation is insane for the price!

I haven't tested the longevity of the product yet during the day, but I plan to wear the coral one to work today to test it out! Coral lipsticks are fast becoming my new obsession!

I'd love to try some more of these, so if you have any "must have" shades, I'd love for you to tell me :)

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx


  1. I love the 147, not tried the 145 but it looks nice on you :) x

  2. @Lu thank you :) the 147 is definatly going to be a more of statement shade haha x

  3. Those lipsticks look amazing on you! XO


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