Saturday, 3 October 2009

Top 5 MAC Eyeshadows

I've come over all High Fidelity so its my top five favourite MAC eyeshadows of the moment. I'm not going to lie, the majority of my eyeshadows are MAC so it would have probably ended up as a top 5 MAC anyway!!

Just from that picture you can see that is a pretty neutral pallette. But these are my favourite ones!! I've bought all of the crazy colours (hello electric eel) and they do mostly sit in my pallette.

From the bottom and going clockwise:

Grand Entrance
Strike A Pose

A Close Up - Phloof has been whited out a bit by the camera!

Phloof -

This is my ultimate favourite of the moment (It's in my September Favourites!) I've been using this over either Girl Friendly or Rubenesque PP for work a lot lately as it brightens up my face when i'm looking tired.

Woodwinked -

Sable and Woodwinked look very similar in these pictures but on the skin Woodwinked is much warmer, I love this all over the lid for a more bronze look.

Grand Entrance -

My ultimate favourite from the Starflash/Love That Look collection even though I bought nearly all of them! Its just amazing for a quite wash of subtle colour and for making me look like I've made the effort even if i've had 2 minutes, the formulation of these is just so easy to work with as well.

Sable -

Sable is my favourite crease colour, its a wearable shadow that adds effortless depth to my look, I won't ever get bored of this!

Strike A Pose -

Such an amazing rich colour, I love just using this on my lower lash line for a bit of a pop and I think this is perfect over Moss Pit Paint Pot, it reminds me of a peacock!

Tell me what yours are!

Hope you're having a great weekend,

Laura xxx


  1. I love Phloof too,I always use it when I look tired :)My other favs are woodwinked, beautyburst, coppering and antiqued :)

  2. It's a miracle worker :), I love antiqued too, I'm a sucker for those browns! xx


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