Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So Long Diet Coke...

I don't have many vices in life, I don't smoke, I don't take drugs and I can easily go without a drink. Diet Coke is my one true vice!


I'm becoming more and more aware how much of this stuff I actually drink, I can't say I have it every day but if its on offer, I'll probably drink it.

I'm trying to cut fizzy drinks out of my diet, because they make me feel bloated and after the buzz has worn off I just feel rubbish. Definate thumbs down.

I'm also worried that drinking Diet Coke is going to affect my teeth. I think it's so important to look after your teeth, have you seen the coin put in coke trick? Scary.


I went to Waitrose this evening and instead of putting a bottle of Diet Coke in my basket, I went straight to the Tea and chose some Green Tea :). Waitrose have a good selection of Tea, so many to choose from!

I chose Clipper Green Tea -

I went with the original no fuss one, but you can get it with Lemon, Jasmine etc.

I decided upon Green Tea because I went to Wagamama's on Thursday for lunch and you get unlimited Green Tea with your meal, and It reminded me how much I like it :)

So now when I feel the urge to reach for the Diet Coke I'll hopefully pop one of these into a cup and go for the this!

I had my first real test tonight when I went to McDonalds drive thru (I know tut tut!) to get a very shoddy dinner. I ordered water with my meal which I've never done before, but I honestly felt better about myself for doing it, despite the Big Mac Meal sitting infront of me!


What is your main vice??
Have you ever battled the Diet Coke demon before, how did you do it?!

Tell me below :)

Love Laura xxx


  1. One of my teachers is addicted to diet coke and she drinks 2 litres a day!
    I like diet coke but rarely drink it as my teeth are bad enough!
    Good Luck!

  2. Its a viscious circle! I dont battle with diet coke, but I do have to watch my sugar consumption. I try eating fruit as a snack- or flapjacks.

    I know plenty of people who love coke and drink it by the bucket load! I love green tea though, and chai tea.
    Good luck with it! Have you entered my competitions btw?
    Emma :)

  3. I was dared a few years ago to go without diet coke for two weeks. I had withdrawal symptoms, I was nervous I was shaking and it was awful, embarrassing too. At least my friends believed me. At the end of the two weeks I felt better for it, but as soon as I was allowed some again I drowned my organs in a sea of Diet Coke.

    Now I can't drink the stuff, makes me feel sick but I like the fat stuff which makes me fat.

  4. I just found your blog and I am really enjoying it :)

    Diet coke with a slice of lemon is what I order if I'm out to dinner and don't want to drink...it tastes sooo good.

    But - I try not to drink it at home. I am also a HUGE fan of green tea. My favourite is jasmine green tea...YUM.



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