Friday, 9 October 2009

Shopping!! MAC/Drugstore/Topshop/Muji

Ok, so this might be a tad generic on the MAC side, I have literally seen these products on so many youtuber/bloggers recent posts BUT I thought i'd show you what I bought when I went shopping this Thursday.

I had such a great day, we had such a great catch up, and just as we were having lunch she got a phone call to say she has an interview for a new job in the uk which would be so amazing!

In the end I didn't buy too much, and I couldn't see ANYTHING clothing wise which caught my eye, but then I wasn't really looking that hard.


Firstly I went to the MAC store in Birmingham and it was rediculous, everything was sold out, the staff were, not suprisingly, unhelpful and everything in the store just looked grubby and used. I used to go to this store regularly and I was at how it had gone downhill, thumbs down!!


I went over to the MAC counter in Selfridges and I recieved excellent service, I got everything on my list and I was asked by two very helpful MA's if I was ok and needed help, I know MAC has a less than squeaky clean record with customer service but I really think they deserve a mention, the service was quick, polite and nobody tried to hound me with suggestions whilst I was browsing. Very Impressed :)

I was quite restrained in the end, and ended up with a quite modest bag of products:
(top picture l-r)

  • Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

  • Greasepaint Shade Stick

  • Feline Kohl Power

  • Bare Study Paint Pot

I haven't bought anything from the last few collections that MAC have bought out, as nothing has really grabbed me, but after losing my eyeliner in a taxi a few weeks previous, I thought I was justified in treating myself to a few bits from the Style Black/DSquared collections.

I'm yet to try to try the thermal mask, but I'm excited to, maybe tomorrow night!? Feline Kohl Power is lovely; creamy, fiercely pigmented and stays on well! I've only played around with Greasepaint on the back of my hand but I can't wait to do a smokey eye with it and finally Bare Study was my Wishlist Paint Pot and I love it! I've been using Rubenesque as my daytime PP and I've been getting bored of the golden tone it gives all of my neutral shadows, so i'm hoping Bare Study will give me a base to really showcase my lighter shadows.


Muji candles are my favourite candles, I've had my raspberry and papaya candle for so long now and its still as fragrant as when I bought it. I got the Maderin and Cinnamon candle which is winter in a candle! I can't wait to light this warm spicy mix.

I went into Topshop and whilst most of the clothes didn't inspire me much I picked up these two things,
the owl earrings are so cute, I wore them tonight to go the cinema (Fame is amazingly cheesy by the way) and the ring is amazing, I got it home and realised that its a bit too big, but it'll be ok on my middle finger aslong as I keep an eye on it!

I only picked up two things from Superdrug, Barry M Lipgloss in No4 and L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer. My mini review/first impressions are -

Barry M Lipgloss - I love the smell (Petits Filous!) and i've raved about the general formulation of these before but it its scarily pale, its basically 101 lip paint pale, so i'm going to have to wear this with something more vibrant underneath for it to work for me.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer - for the price (£12.99) this thing is tiny, But I've really wanted to try this for a long time so I got it. I used it tonight before I went out and I have to say it is a really good primer, I could see the difference it made right away, the consistancy is bizarre but overall I like it!

So that's everything!

Have a good weekend guys and tell me what you think!



I want a blusher that will bring me into winter a bit more, I'm bored of really bright pinks and want something a bit more autumnal, suggestions in the comments below please!!

Laura xxx


  1. Peachykeen is a nice peachy toned blush! It would be perfect for autumn:)

  2. i love the ring, i got some barry m lipgloss btw, will post about it soon! x

  3. @Kate thanks, i'll go and try it out when i'm next at a MAC :)

    @BitsofFluff which one did you get? I know its amazing! xx

  4. the bubblegum you recommended, it looks so pretty on :)


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