Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lazy Sunday Post

Good Afternoon :)

I'm having a nice relaxing Sunday, I went out for Sunday lunch and I'm now just chilling out for a wee while until I go and drive over to see my Dad this evening, which will probably involve more eating, I'm not sure I can manage it!

I'm meeting up with one of my very best friends on Thursday as she's over from Dublin for a while so we're going to meet up and do lunch and shopping, i'm rediculously excited!

With this in mind, I'm definatly going to go into MAC and pick up a few things which I've been meaning to get for ages, and maybe treat myself to something from the new collections?

I'm also dying to get a new winter coat, I can feel the cold weather creeping in and nothing would please me more than a nice cosy coat!

I'm thinking of doing a Halloween make up post, including some special fx make up so I might do that tonight and try and post tomorrow??

I hope you've had a nice relaxing Sunday,

Laura xxx

p.s I'm in love with my nails today, george nail varnish in streamer, I salute you!

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