Wednesday, 7 October 2009

In & Out

It's late and I'm tired and a wee bit stressed but In & Out's are my therapy!


  • No work tomorrow! I'm meeting up with one of my very best friends as she's over in England for work (She lives in Ireland), we're doing lunch and going shopping!
  • Finding the perfect pair of boots, they're on order and should be here soon :)
  • Finding my love for lipstick again, I'm generally a gloss or lipbalm person, so rediscovering the joys of lipstick as been wonderful!
  • Wrapping up in lots of lovely layers, cosy and fashionable!

  • The bumper has fallen off my car after a small incident with a kerb, so needs to be fixed!
  • Being stressed out about work
  • Reduced Daylight Hours, it feels like everything has to be done so much quicker, and who wants to leave work in the cold and the dark, thumbs down!
  • Fake Tan - It's winter, whose supposed to be tanned anyway! I'm embracing my natural skin tone (pale pale pale) and saving time.
What are you In & Outs?? Let me know :)

Quick mention to my supercat, Tara. I had nasty scare with her this week after finding a lump on her neck, after being told it didn't look good, she came out fighting from the biopsy and it was only a giant cyst. (err!)
So she will live to fight another grumpy, vicious, crazy day!!!



  1. Glad to hear your cat is okay:) shes lovely

  2. she's old grumpy and mean but it wouldn't be the same if she wasn't! x


Please check back, I reply to any burning beauty questions! x

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