Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Halloween Special FX!

Beware: Not for the faint hearted!

I haven't felt like I've done a really creative blog for a while now, so I again roped in my sister to do some spooky special fx make up!

I did this last year for my own Halloween costume, so I'll include the pictures of my own make up to show you too! This is going to be a picture heavy blog!

For this make up I used -

  1. Special FX Wax
  2. Cake Blood/Fake Blood
  3. Purple Face Paint
  4. Foundation
  5. Brown Eyeshadow
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Vaseline
You can really improvise with most things to get the desired effect, I experimented with many different things to get the right look!!!

I did a head wound, black eye and cut throat on my sister.

Head Wound

I did this by warming up the wax on the heel of my hand and then moulding it into a mound on the forehead, then made an indent in the wax and built up the sides to create the "hole".
The I took some foundation and just added some to wax to blend it to the skin, then took some cake blood on a paint brush and stippled it into the hole and around the area. The I finished it with touches of brown eyeshadow in and around the wound to make it look dirty, add a touch of fake liquid blood and you have a lovely gun shot/head wound!

Black Eye

This isn't an excellent picture of the eye but it is the most simple of all three to achieve if you're not confident working with the fx wax. I started by adding concealer to the whole area then started from a base of yellow and brown eyeshadow to build up the bruised look. Then I added a darker brown/purple and blue into the inner corner of the eye and worked it outward, I also put some cake blood on the lower lash line. I stippled all of the colours on until they looked suitably bruise like, then added a sheen of vaseline to give it that sore/swollen look.

Cut Throat

Using the same principle as the head wound, I layed a thinner layer of wax over the neck and using a  paint brush, scored out an incision in the wax and added cake blood into it, then I took the purple face paint and brown eyeshadow to give the wound some depth. I finished this with a touch of fake blood in the wound to give it a more gory appearance.

Ignore the messy bedside table!

You can go as dramatic as you want on all three of these injuries, make the slit bigger, make the bruise large and add as much fake blood as you want!

As promised here is my halloween make up from last year, with a more dramatic black eye.

you really can extend the bruising as much as you want.

My complete Halloween look last year.

I have a cut throat underneath there but you can't see!!
It's very similar to the one I've shown you above.

I don't have any grand plans for Halloween this year so they'll be no dressing up for me.

Do you have any plans for Halloween and will you be going all out or staying in??

I'll be back with a less morbid post tomorrow!

Laura xxx


  1. That is bloody awful:O
    In the best way of coursee! The headwound looks brilliant!

  2. You are so talented!! I'm so glad you commented me because now I've found your blog. :) x

  3. @Kate thank you! I know its pretty horrific! xx

  4. @Emma aww thank you so much! I appreciate every one of you :) xx

  5. Wow, that head wound looks amazing! I saw it and was just looking for what happened to you haha


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