Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What I've Been Spending My Money On

I've accidentally on purpose managed to buy quite a lot of stuff. It's been nothing high end but I've still taken advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 and visited good old Primark a few times too.


l-r Garnier Clean Detox Anti Dullness Foaming Gel, Umberto Giannini Catwalk Hairspray, Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo.

I bought more stuff in the 3 for 2 but It was either really boring (face wipes!) or stuff that I've had before, (hair mask & face scrub). These were the three things that I'm most interested in, I'm going to review them all once I've properly used them.

Maybelline Colour Sensation - 148 Shimmer Pink, 112 Ambre Rose.

I've fallen for these lipsticks, they're smooth and creamy and I can even forgive the cheap lipstick smell, they're wearable and for the price I'm very happy, I got one at Boots and one at Superdrug and I think they were £2 off on both.

Clockwise From Bottom - Barry M No5 Lipgloss, 2True Glitter Eyeliner No10, 2True Aubergine Eyeliner, 2True Cheek & Lip Paint, Barry M Navy Nail Paint, BarryM Pink Flamingo Nail Paint.

I'm going to do a review on 2True Cosmetics and they're a new brand to come out and all of the line is 3 for £5 at the moment at Superdrug. For £1.91 individually, some of these have been a pleasant surprise, so they deserve a post of there own :). I don't care what people say, I love the fake bubblegum scent of the Barry M lipgloss, its ADDICTIVE, I really don't like sticky lipglosses either so the formulation of this is perfect, probably my favourite lipgloss at the moment. I bought two new nail paints, Navy for Autumn and Pink Flamingo because I'd been looking for pinky coral for a while and couldn't pass it up.


Primark Goodies

I saw these shoes at my friends house and I loved them, and when she said they were from Primark I had to go and get them! They are my perfect shoe at the moment, I'd wanted a neutral high heel for a while and these taupe suede shoes really hit the target, they're really comfy too so I bought black too! All for £13.00 each!

Also I love my bracelets, a hint of the studding trend without being over the top, and I couldn't resist this vintage style gold bangle, the picture doesn't show it up, but its embossed with flowers and patterns.

Ok that's it for my purchases, lots in one go!! I'll start to work my way through the reviews in the next few weeks when I've properly tested them and can give a fair review.

Hope you're having a good week,

Laura xxx

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  1. Hey, I have some of the 2true items, and I actually quite like them too. Just found your blog and thought I'd say how much I like it! Stop by mine and say hi sometime :)


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