Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday Afternoon In and Out

I love Friday afternoons, I can almost taste the weekend!!


- Barry M Lipgloss. These have actually beaten any other lipgloss I own, including all of my high end glosses. The formulation is fantastic, they glide on without being sticky (I'm talking to you Dazzleglass) and I actually quite like the fake smelling scents, they remind me of pick and mix :)
- Autumn finally being here, hello knitwear, dark nail polish and to die for boots.
- Peter Philips. I've done two blog posts on him recently and the more I read about him the more I want that mans job!!
- The New Series of Project Runway: I love you Tim Gunn, "Talk to me!"
- The weekend! How could I not add this into a Friday post!


- The new series of ANTM, every series it turns more and more into a joke, some of the girls and there more for their story than their modelling ability.
- Desperately trying to avoid the lurgy as it slowly attacks everyone in the house.
- Boots 3 for 2, you are bad for my bank balance!!
- Not being able to find the perfect pair of winter boots.
- I've nearly run out of Studio Sculpt Foundation, do I repurchase or once again go embark on the quest for the perfect foundation?

What are your Friday In & Outs??

Have a lovely Friday and I'm going to review some more of my recent purchases this weekend when I have a bit of free time to consider my verdict!

Laura xxx


  1. Ah.. yes "I must not go into boots, i must not go into boots, i must not go into boots"

    I can identify with the boot quandry. 3-4 inch heels LOOK good, and are fine if you dont have to walk BUT in my world I have to walk and I can not wear them all day. I find it really hard to find boots (or shoes) with a small 1-2 inch heel. I'm tall enough as it is!!

    I might do some ins and outs!

  2. In & Out Posts are my favourite :) xxx

  3. Boots 3 for 2 is brilliant, it's SAVING you money. sort of......


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