Saturday, 19 September 2009

Dans Les Pas D'Un Maquilleur Star - Peter Philips En 80 Jours

I have been inspired!!

I was given a DVD by my sister from the August Issue of French Vogue and it was so interesting I thought I'd share.

The DVD follows Peter throughout his preparation for the Autumn/Winter collections by Chanel in his capacity as the global director for Chanel Make Up (What a job!!).

The DVD included so much useful and insightful information, including a make up tutorial by the man himself on how to construct on of the Chanel looks for the catwalk. We also follow Philip as he designs the beautiful sequin and bead eyeliner decorations, one of the most striking looks in the Chanel Make Up this season. Each piece was painstakingly constructed out of hundreds of tiny beads and sequins on mesh, amazing workmanship!

I tried the look that he runs through on the DVD, the minimalist neutral make up used for one of the Chanel Autumn/Winter catwalk shows. I'm going to do a post later on with that look and the more extreme Alexander McQueen make up, I used my sister as a model :).

The whole DVD was in french (quite a test of my language skills!) but I've found a preview with English subtitles on YouTube, I'm going to put it below for your viewing pleasure so you can see what I'm talking about :)

One of my personal favourite moments in the DVD is Peter dealing with an hysterical model backstage, "elle est completement hysterique"

Hope you enjoy :)

Here is the link to the preview, please watch!

I'm going to post the looks I did on my sister later, I also went on a mini shopping trip today before my sister and I went to watch 500 Days of Summer - go and watch it!!

I'm going to film a video showing what I got later, so check out for that either tonight or tomorrow, (probably tomorrow!!)

Byee xxxx

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