Thursday, 24 September 2009

2True Cosmetics - Review/YouTube Video!

After a thorough browse of Superdrug at the weekend I came across 2True Cosmetics on a small stand. I was initally attracted to the stand because of the 3 for £5 concept, I was intregued to know if all of these universally priced £1.91 products could actually compare to some of my preffered make up brands, drugstore and high end.

I bought:

Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Blush
Glitter Eyeliner in No10 Black
Eyeliner in Aubergine

My sister bought:
Cheek and Lip Rose Tint
Glitter Eyeliner in
Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Blush

Overall I think this brand has a few good finds if you choose carefully, you're always going to find some products which don't live up to better quality items (the purple eyeliner!) but I think I found a gem in the pink lip and cheek tint :).

Eye Definer in Aubergine: (bottom swatch)
I'm not overly impressed with this product, its not very soft and you have to go over the same line a few times to achieve and real colour. I can't complain for the price but I don't think i'm going to get any real use out of this.


Eyeliner Dazzler in No10: (top swatch) Eyeliner Dazzler

I LOVE these little glitter eyeliners :) they're perfect for just a hint of sparkle on your upper lash line, and as I'm not a massive glitter wearer, £1.91 is all I feel comfortable spending!! They're also really long lasting, it takes a good wipe to remove them!


Cheek and Lip Tints:

If the MeMeMe tint is the cheaper version of Posie Tint by Benefit, this is the cheap version of the MeMeMe! It's still only £1.91 and it works really well! Don't be afraid of the neon pink colour, as once its blended in it just leaves a nice pink flush to your cheeks! I was going to post myself wearing this but my camera just wasn't picking it up and was washing me out!
One of my favourite products :) 4.5/5

Rose Tint: This product stains quite well but just has this weird cheap smell, a bit like a cheap shampoo or bubbles!! I won't be trading my Benetint for this one just yet, but for the price it is a good alternative. 3/5

I just posted my first proper video on YouTube!! It's actually a bit scary!!

I'm off to bed now because i'm up early tomorrow and I've been doing all of this for nearly the whole evening!!

Night Night!!


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