Thursday, 6 August 2009

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Essentials!

I'm well and truely looking forward to my upcoming Holiday so following this theme I thought i'd do a quick post on my top 10 holiday beauty essentials! I went to Boots today and picked up a few things so i'll talk about that too when i'm done.

1 - Leave In Conditioner.

I just cannot go on holiday without leave in conditioner, it keeps my hair tangle free and soft and protect it from the heat during the day. AUSSIE Miracle Hair Insurance is my product of choice as it smells wonderful and works really well on my hair.

(Any Aussie Haircare is 2 for £6 at Boots at the moment!!)

2 - SPF Lipbalm.

We tend to forget to protect our lips whilst sunning ourselves, but its important you choose a lipbalm with SPF to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Check out MAC's new Baby Bloom collection for a selection of SPF 20 lip tints in pretty summer colours, or alternativly try Vasaline lip therapy for a good cheap alternative.

3 - Waterproof Mascara.

This is a MUST for me!! If i'm lazing by the pool or going to the beach I don't want to be scared about panda eyes! I bought Maybelline Colossal to try out this holiday so fingers crossed!!

4 - Bronzer

Its the perfect weapon to brighten up your new tan or even calm down some accidental sunburn.
I'm taking ELF warm bronzer on Holiday, It was super cheap and gives good results so i'm not too scared to travel with it!

5 - Cleansing Wipes

Quick, easy and perfect to freshen up your face if you're in a rush to get out at night!

6 - Good SPF Suncream.

ALWAYS KEEP PROTECTED!! I never go below an SPF 30, a tan may look good but does wrinkle free lovely skin look better when you're older??

7 - Coral/Pink/Orange/Purple nails!!!

Brights rule for perfect holiday nails, I'm loving the fun colours Barry M have bought out recently, I bought the 303 Bright Purple today and I think this is coming away with me aswell as Bright Orange!!

8 - Brush Roll.

I can't travel without my Brush Roll, it protects my Brushes and keeps them in top condition for me!

9 - Tinted Moisturiser.

If you're not confident enough to bare all in the evenings, try a tinted moisteriser to give you light coverage without melting off in the heat and hydrate your face.

10 - Fragrance.

I recommend buying a cheaper body spray or spritz to carry around with you in the day, but keep to light floral scents for a perfect holiday smell!!


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