Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ruby & Millie Pigments

After a late night make up sort last night, a Ruby & Millie make up set really captured my attention. It's sat in my ever expanding collection for a few years now and has never really had the love it deserves so I decided to play around with what was in it.

I wouldn't say i'm overly impressed with all of the make up in the set, the gel blushers are AWFUL. They just just don't work for me at all. I'm not too crazy about some of the matt eyeshadows in the pallette either, they leave a lot of fallout and they pigmentation is quite weak.


There were four pigments in the set, 10 White , 01 Black, 50 Purple & 20 Yellow.

I love these!!

The pigmentation is really good and they have the perfect amount of shimmer. I love the size of these aswell. I'm wary about buying MAC pigments because I know i'll never finish them, so apart from the Holiday collections I don't tend to get them.


The white has a gold pearl in it and it looks amazing from every angle and the purple pigment comes out as more of a plum/burgundy colour which is soo nice!!

I'm not so impressed with the Black pigment as there was a lot of fall out and I felt it was more grey on the skin.
My favourites by far are the White and Purple pigment, the White is a great dupe for MAC's Vanilla pigment.
Overall a great alternative to MAC pigments, available at Boots!!!


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