Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mini Haul!!

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I got a little MAC delivery in the post :) so I'd thought I'd share!!

I am in LOVE with the starflash/love that look eyeshadows!! The swatches on the website are not a great representation of what the colours look like on so do not be put off by the apparent mediocrity!!

I didn't go too mad on these as i'm going away on Holiday in a week so I thought i'd pick the rest up whilst I'm away, but these were the two I had to have right now.


SMOKE & DIAMONDS (I keep calling it smoke and mirrors haha)

These two are amazing, I love shimmer in an eyeshadow (not glitter, shimmer!!) so Grand Entrance is perfect, the peachy/gold tone of the shadow is so pretty on the lid, 8/10!! (2 points deducted for realising I had a pretty convincing dupe in a random pallette)

Smoke & Diamonds is a gorgeous colour for a smokey eye, this has to be the best one!!

check temptalia for good swatches :)

I'm definatly picking up ego and glamour check when I go away

I went ahead and bought two brushes from MAC.

187 Duo Fibre Face Brush

I'm not sure why I didn't get this brush earlier, I suppose its because I use a kabuki (181) for powder and the 129 for blush.

I decided to get it for a rediculous reason that I'm quite ashamed to admit. I got it because its black and white and looks pretty in my brush holder!!!


Now I have it I love it for more than its badger appearance, it puts on powder amazing, and you can really get into the side of your nose etc, new favourite of the month!!

190 Foundation Brush

I've been using a similar Ruby and Millie foundation brush, which I reccomend for a cheaper dupe of the 190, but I decided to splash out on a MAC one. I loveee it, its soft and applies foundation really nicely!!

That was it for my mini haul, I've definatly been bitten by the love that look bug, watch out here I come!!



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