Sunday, 2 August 2009

Late Night In & Out


Just a late night ramble as I CAN NOT SLEEP! It's 2.25am and I'm fully awake, blahh.

Sooo I thought i'd a do a quick In & Out :)


  • Vera Wang 'Rock Princess' - This is my new perfume of choice, its a more grown up version of Princess and it's a perfect "going out" scent.
  • Going on Holidayyyy! - Only 17 Days until I jet off into the sun for a nice week long break :)
  • Free Body Shop Eyeliners with In Style, a pleasant addition to my monthly fashion/beauty read.
  • Barbie PINK EVERYTHING! - Lipstick, Nails, Candles, Flowers. Its a problem.
  • Topshop Fairtrade Tunic's. I have about 4 in different colours now, I love them!


  • Being sooo unorganised - I haven't sorted anything out for my holiday yet, I need to write a list and work through!
  • Bad Beauticians. I decided to take a chance on a salon this week and it resulted in a terrible manicure (coats & coats of gloopy nail varnish and cuticle oil applied OVER the nail varnish whilst still wet?!) and an unnoticeable eyebrow shape (there were tonnes of hairs left and I walked out with wax all stuck to my lids! I don't think I'll ever go back...
  • The MAC 195 Brush, however much I try this just doesn't seem to work with studio sculpt concealer, I always end up blending it out with my finger, is the brush, or the foundation?! I love SS so it's pretty much sat redundant for a while now.
  • Getting into an eyeshadow rut - I've been using the same combination (Rubenesque PP, Jest all over the lid and Shroom as a highlight) for an everyday eye look now for about a month, i'm bored!!

I might post a tutorial with this everyday look, and experiment on a new look for myself!!

Night Night everybody! xxx

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