Monday, 31 August 2009

August Favourites

I love watching these videos/reading these blog posts so here is my very own!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of pictures in my recent blog posts, my laptop charger has given up the ghost, so until I get my act together and get a new one I am confined to the PC in my mums office. Defiantly thumbs down!

I've had a lovely month, I've been away, I've caught up with friends after being severely out of the loop and I've nearly finished decorating/re-doing my bedroom! (as soon as its done expect a picture!)

In other good news my camera is fixed!!! Which means, I can film!!! I'm so excited about this as I've been itching to film some videos for a lonnng while, and I've got a lovely list of good video ideas to do! Its a new channel which is looking verrryyy lonely at the moment so please take a minute to subscribe if you would, I feel a bit cheeky asking to subscribe to a redundant channel but I promise to fill it up as soon as I can!

Right, now for my favourites!!

ELF Warm Bronze -

I know, I know! I'm not the first person to bang on about this product but boy does it deserve a place in my favourites, It gives me a beautiful shimmer on my cheeks and I have been using this daily over my blusher. For £3.50 I couldn't ask for anything more! I have an abundance of highlighters and this is beating them all at the moment.

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara -

I know I'm late to this product as we don't have Sephora in the UK and make up for ever is hard to get hold of, but my I sent my Dad with a list for Sephora as he went to France for a month this summer, he did me proud!

I think this mascara is wonderful. Really long full lashes* that has so far lived up to the hype. I was really nervous that this would fall below my expectations but I'm glad to say so far so good!

* How I wish I had a photo for this part of the blog :(


- Grand Entrance (Lid)

- Woodwinked (Crease)

- Phloof (Corner of Eye)

This is my new favourite everyday combination that I can do quickly without the danger of looking like a clown as I fly out of the door. I could easily put most of the Love That Look Eyeshadows in here but I feel that Grand Entrance has earned it as I've defiantly used it the most.


I can't get enough of strong brows at the moment, (I'm actually laughing to myself about the statement "strong brows" in bold!) I've actually been using twice baked by Urban Decay which sounds ludicrous as all Urban Decay eyeshadows are renowned for their glitter BUT this seems to work wonders! It happened initially out of desperation as I took an UD palette away with me and it was the only colour half suitable for this job and it actually looks really good and matches my eyebrows perfectly! I must add that the eyeshadow has been used a lot and isn't as glittery as a new one so this may explain a few things!



I got this at the airport last week and have used it constantly since I got it, what can I say? I just love smelling like a tropical fruit salad!! It may be too sweet for some but I can't get enough of it I picked up a few in Duty Free but I defiantly like this one the best!
I hope you enjoyed my favourites, what are yours?!!!
Love xxx

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