Thursday, 16 July 2009

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Review

Hey Everyone!

As its my first blog I thought I would just quickly introduce myself,
I'm Laura, or The Beauty Spark, I am a self confessed beauty fiend!

I'm 21 years old and I live in the UK.

Now for the review!


I first heard about this product a few months ago but I didn't get around to buying it until last week when I went shopping with my sister and she wanted to pick up a few things from the Urban Decay counter at our local department store.

I will be honest, when I first saw the packaging I thought it looked quite gimmicky, It reminded me a lot of those stripping pens you might buy in a tourist shop in Magaluf. It just didn't seem like the type of product I would usually go for, and to be quite frank came across as a little tacky.


My initial impression was completly unfair about this product!

As soon as I unscrewed the top to take a closer look at the lipgloss I was hit with the most wonderful smelling lipgloss I have ever, EVER smelt. It smells EXACTLY like treacle tart!!! I literally could not stop smelling it when I was waiting for my sister to get what she wanted so I just had to buy it.

The gloss comes in eight different shades, all named after the different men who strip in your lipgloss top!

  • David (pictured above as it was one I finally bought)
  • Doug
  • Eric
  • James
  • Jesse
  • Julio
  • Kirk
  • Timothy

My two favourite colours out of the eight has to be David and Timothy. David is a fun shade of mauve which could look quite loud in the tube, but when its on is a lovely warm colour perfect for a night out!

Timothy struck my immediately because at the moment I appear to be OBSESSED with coral lips, I just think it is my perfect summer antidote for all this rain we seem to be having. I have bought coral nail polish, coral clothing, coral lipstick, the list goes on! I think I have coralitus...
But back to Timothy, this shade is a lovely vivid colour and would easily brighten up a neutral look.

The overall range of colours is good, from a crisp white with a shimmery white pearl (Julio) to Kirk (a sheer nude) to the bright siren red lip of Eric.

I like the brush applicator on this product as I personally think it goes on better with a brush rather than a sponge tip.

The lipgloss is quite sticky so if you don't like your lipgloss to be ultra sticky, I wouldn't recommend this. I quite like it on this particular product as it almost feels like I've bitten into a big piece of tasty treacle tart!

I would give this product a 7 out of 10 as I think it has a few things that let it down. I think it is quite gimmicky product (even though I said it earlier, I'm saying it again!) and I'm not sure how much it would appeal to different people. I do concede though that the product totally fits in with Urban Decays fun-loving image. Also the sticky nature of the gloss might put some people off.

I certainly think the smell and the colours give it major plus points! I do think some of the colours are similar to MAC's dazzleglass collection though.

I wouldn't buy the whole range of these lipglosses and I think one is enough for me just for the smell alone! If you are fan of sweet smelling lipglosses I would go and get this, I can almost smell the pastry!

The cost of the gloss is £10.50 in the UK, a bit much for an impulse buy?

You can get these from pretty much any urban decay counter at Debenhams, House of Fraser and the larger boots stores in the UK. for US buyers.

Thanks for reading :)


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