Monday, 20 July 2009

Current Hair Routine

Hi Guys!

I've been using this particular hair routine for about a month now and I thought I would share it with you as it has been working really well for me :)

My hair is naturally very curly (I would post a picture but I haven't worn it curly for about 5 years!) and this routine always leaves me with silky smooth straight hair.


For the past six weeks I have been using L'Oreal Elive Re-nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner. I bought it on a whim when I decided I needed a change of shampoo and I have been very impressed with it. It's left my hair feeling smooth and nourished and I've really noticed an improvement in the condition of my hair as a whole.

I like this product a lot as It works well and is good value for money. (I think I bought it for about £3.50 for a large bottle?) from Boots.

I'm going to mention the S&C that I was using previous to L'Oreal Elive Re-nutrition as I loved it! I'm probably going to go back to when I finish my current bottle of the L'Oreal so I felt it was worth a mention.
The S&C I'm talking about is Herbal Essences Seductively Straight. This product ticks most of my boxes when it comes to finding a good S&C. I love the pink packaging and the smell is so nice! Its scent is lovely too, the silk and pear extract is sweet but fresh and leaves your hair good enough to eat!

I then towel dry my hair and comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb, I use a Toni & Guy one, but you can use whichever one you want!


I'm currently using Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance and It works really well for my hair, I like to use a leave in conditioner and it gives my hair extra protection from the heat that hits it daily. I love the smell of this product, it smells fruity and fresh and contains Australian Jojoba Oil.


I own a Vidal Sasson hairdryer that I got as a present, It was a limited edition with an orange and white floral design on the back of it. It works well and has heat, speed and a cold shot setting. I have a lot of hair and I can dry it all in about 10 minutes which I think it pretty good.

It also came with a travel wrap for all your brushs and clips which is useful!


Once I have blow dried my hair I spray some Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defence Spray into the end of my hair and then just spritz a tiny bit through the rest of my hair to avoid it getting too built up with products.

I love the smell of this as it feels like i'm in a hairdressing salon everytime I use it! It is light aswell and doesn't feel too heavy on my hair, I used the GHD Iron Oil for a while and it made my hair feel really greasy and I didn't particularly like the smell, so I much prefer this one!


I use GHD straighteners, they are the new model which have the more rounded edges for curling and they are simply the only choice for me! I have used GHD's ever since I began to straighten my hair during my first year of A Levels.
I tend to section off my hair and use large hair clips to hold it out of the way.


To finish off my hair I first spray my palm with Toni & Guy Shine Spray as it smells fresh and clean and leaves my hair soft and shiny.

If my hair is feeling particularly fly away i'll spray some Hairspray through it, but usually the shine spray is enough for me! If I do use Hairspray I either like to use Toni&Guy Firm Hold Hairspray (I know this is a turning into a Toni&Guy festival!) or L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

Thanks for reading!


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